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Owen Matheson for AllWhatsRock.com - The Big Cheese is a Virginia-based family band consisting of a father (Larry Rice) and his two daughters (Shannon and Lea), as well as Larry's former mandolin student, Julie Greene. This Christmas-themed single titled, "The Christmas Crocodile" came out just recently and was actually written by three year old Jack Morrison with the help of Larry Rice, his music teacher. The song has an animated, child-friendly music video on YouTube, with the beginning voice over by young songwriter Jack Morrison. This single has the same kind of folksy spirit and silly lyrics we all somewhat remember from that one song everyone knows Cledus Tudd for; the ever popular, "Grandma Got Ran-over by a Reindeer". The instrumentation is well executed, and has an upbeat bluegrass feel that will resonate nicely with kids. Larry sings the lead vocals; there is a generous amount of country twang in his presence, but it isn't as overdone or cheesy as when Cledus Tudd sings about his grandmother getting trampled by reindeer on Christmas Eve. Overall, the Rice family band makes a group of decent musicians, and one could realistically imagine The Big Cheese doing a spirited performance of "Blue Moon of Kentucky" at a local community center somewhere in Virginia. The song content is, well, met for children, talking about a crocodile helping Santa deliver presents. But it's okay, he's a nice crocodile that won't eat anyone. For three year old Morrison, it's a great songwriting debut that kids will get a kick out of. It was very generous and kind of Larry and his daughters to put this up for the aspiring artist, and is a testament to their talent as musicians to take a child's vision and make it into a working composition. Way to go, Jack, stay with music and keep writing great songs!

Adam Harrington for WhisperinAndHollerin.com Rating: 8 out of 10 stars ----- You have to admire any country musician that mentions the Dixie Chicks in one of their songs without any animosity whatsoever. Given how tightly-formatted country radio stations in the American South despise the Dixies for their candid opposition to President Bush and the war in Iraq, that takes balls. And so it was I was introduced to the old-school country sounds of Larry Rice (http://www.larryricemusic.com), whose soaring fiddles and giddy yodeling set the wayback machine about 40 years or so but with lyrics so timely - and timeless - that you don't notice the time shifts. Everybody from the Dixie Chicks to Michael Moore to Moses himself (NRA cheerleader Charlton Heston, in case you don't know) are thrown into the same party in "Red State Blue State," as Rice and LB Roath poke fun at the ridiculous idealogical separation between liberals and conservatives. It's completely exaggerated by the media, as Rice and Roath seem to get, and only tears people apart. The song is damn funny because it exposes the goofiness of it all. Most of the album is actually less tongue-in-cheek. "I Cry" is a sincere heartbreak track, very much in the vein of the late Hank Williams, Sr. The loving "Elegant Lady" finds Rice entering Americana territory while the sensuous "Love Time" is something altogether different, a chill-out cut that just might nab Rice an audience outside of his country fanbase.

...well-played and genuinely enjoyable! - Eddie O'Strange, Actrix Networks, New Zealand

We love Larry Rice's "Little House" CD - Sandy & 'Gravel Country Circle 3NRG, 99.3FM Melbourne, Australia

Fantasic Album. Great stuff for our Radio Station. Alex Pijnen, BRTO Radio, Netherlands

Your CD is excellent... Josep Palmada Verdier - Radio Vilafant, Girona, Spain

Darryl Lanyon, 101FM Logan City, Australia ---> Larry Rice's album, LITTLE HOUSE, is a breath of fresh air for all the fiddle lovers down-under(in Australia)and on-line as my shows are web cast. Very few country music radio shows feature fiddles, on Australian radio. I've included three tracks off Larry's album on my recent shows. Apart from several phone calls, the next DJ following my show, wanted to 'borrow' LITTLE HOUSE.I also play mostly western swing & honky tonk, but I also feature the Quebe Sisters(3 Texas fiddling sisters). Larry's music fits in just great and is a beautiful contrast with other artist I play.My listeners and myself look forward to the 2008 album.The 'fiddle' is my second favourite instrument, after the peddle steel guitar.Larry is a master fiddle player. If you love country fiddle get this album...everything old is new again under Larry's bow!!!!

Great cd with lovely songs my listeners love it! Bauke van der Vliet, Oskar Radio, Netherlands

Kyrby Raine for ShotgunReviews.com ---> With presidential campaigns becoming more prominent in the media, perhaps there's no better timing for "Red State Blue State," a hilariously pointed send-up of the geographically-based philosophical divide in the U.S. "We're still brothers even though we disagree" is the message here as Larry Rice and LB Roath name-drop celebrities as liberal as Susan Sarandon and as conservative as Charlton Heston. All humor aside, it's pretty brave for a country song, especially one that doesn't put the redneck-banned Dixie Chicks in a negative light. With that, and the equally entertaining "Redneck Cappuccino" that followed, I started to expect something closer to a comedy album, kind of a bluegrass CD with loads of chuckles. However, that wasn't the case at all. Rice may have a sly sense of humor, but he's also a serious musician, and one that warrants serious consideration. The atmospheric, jazzy "Love Time" is about as far from traditional country as you can get and still make it comfortably fit within the context of such an LP. It further showcases Rice's courageous eclecticism. Country music, artistically speaking, has grown too conservative; I always appreciate it when the boundaries are nudged or broken down. Rice is a master fiddler, and "Soldier Joy/Over the Waterfall" features some fairly intense jamming. There's never a boring moment on this record and much to savor and appreciate.

'Little House' by the vibrant Larry Rice is an impressive collection of country tunes. The instrumentation on this CD is awesome! Larry's vocals are very engaging and interactive. Enticing harmonica riffs and graceful fiddle arrangements, musical and vocal diversity. Fans of Dwight Yoakam, pick this up today! - Xavier P., Digg.com

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