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I am passionate about music of all kinds, and I have loved teaching fiddle, guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo (clawhammer style), ukulele, and songwriting here in Northern Virginia. I honestly believe that the world would be a better place if more people played music. As of May 2021, I have retired from teaching music. I thank all my students and families for their support over 14 years of teaching. I'm proud of their accomplishments. Pictured to the left is me and nine students. Lizzy Burkholder fiddled her way to 2nd place in the under 12 division at the 2018 Deer Creek Fiddlers Convention playing the Mark O'Connor arrangement of "Rubber Dolly Rag". I believe her Mom can take credit for the fact that she also won 1st place in the Adult Vocal category. Also at the 2018 Deer Creek Fiddlers Convention, Holly Rose Weber won 2nd place in Old Time Fiddle category and 3rd place in the Celtic Instrumentalist category. The Evans Family Band (Aiden, Dean, Adriana) won the Eastman fiddle that Adriana is holding for their performance at the Deer Creek 2017 Fiddle Convention. They also did well in the youth division at the 50th Annual Bluegrass Festival in Fries, VA. Left to right, Dean won third in old time fiddle, Adriana won 1st place in clawhammer banjo, and Aiden and his siblings won first place in old time band. Mac Nifontoff won 1st place in the Young Performer category at the 2016 Deer Creek Fiddlers Convention. Maddy Clark is a guitar student who won the Young Songwriter grand prize at the Bernard/Ebb Songwriting Awards. Holly Rose Weber won 1st place in the adult bluegrass division at the Deer Creek Fiddlers Convention in June 2014. Noah Machi won 2nd place in the adult bluegrass division and 3rd place in the adult celtic division, also at the Deer Creek Fiddlers Convention in June 2014. My former student Danny Willson won the blue ribbon in the "Old-Hands" division at the Speedy Tolliver Fiddle and Banjo Fest in Arlington in September 2009. It made me very happy to help bring out their talent and achieve this.

I was able to find many good teachers to refer my students to before I retired. I would be happy to refer you to some of them. Email me at fiddler@larryricemusic.com for contact information. Please include the instrument(s) you wish to learn.

I am proud of the kind words I received from many of my students and parents over the years. I'm saving them here to look at if I ever need a lift. Student and parent quotes:

Wanted to let you know, despite Caleb's very quiet demeanor, he gets off each call and says with confidence/joy/enthusiasm, "Ah that was the best call!" :) Thank you for encouraging him! - Beth Chuhay

You are simply amazing. We have been going to “recitals” for years and nothing compared to the warmth and fun of this. Tobin was just sooooo proud to be a part of it. Thanks you for being you! It was epic. - Lori R., referring to the Buskapade at Cafe Famille December 14, 2019

How did we get lucky enough to find you? And you made time for a new student like Jack. How you accompany your students with your voice and your arsenal of instruments is a testament to your professionalism and your passion for music. We were blown away by the concert today. It was so fun and relaxing. The crowd was extremely supportive and engaged. - Laura Dow, referring to my 8th annual recital at Clare and Don's

You are one talented musician and teacher. They are so lucky to have been under your tutelage. - Carol Bell, mother of two students

Thanks so much Larry. I hope you feel really happy seeing the progress of all your students. What a gift you give them! - Jennifer Cook (after annual recital)

That was the best lesson ever because Larry is such a nice man - William I. - age 5

it was awesome. he is SOO good.... There ought to be a special award for Mr. Rice - Joseph C.

It's been a pleasure to learn how to play two instruments with you I feel very lucky to have learned from such an amazing musician - Danny H.

You are one of my favorite people, Larry. I am so happy you are my banjo teacher. You are so patient and supportive, and you make me feel like I'm accomplishing something great. I started this journey for myself and have enjoyed it so much. Thanks - Nancy H.

Before I started taking lessons with Larry, my guitar playing was pretty much vanilla. Now that I've been with Larry for several months, my playing has many flavors and sprinkled with goodies!! Thanks Larry!! - Carlos

This is the first time my son has enjoyed going to music lessons! - Janet Hutchinson

You have been an absolute phenomenal instructor! Your patience is unmatched. Thank you for all you do, especially for caring so much about your students. - Angie Walker

Thank you so much for all of your help re-learning violin. I really feel like I've learned some great stuff about fiddle playing from you. - Meridian Watters

Thanks for all you do Larry - you really are the highlight of Kate's week (mine too, when I get to come listen). She LOVES playing and looks forward to your lessons each week. You are priceless and her experience in just this one year is invaluable. You have helped her find a passion we never knew existed. Thank you Larry - we think the world of you!- Melissa Fredley

Larry, you are the best teacher I've found... You're so encouraging and helpful. - Karla Stoll

I can't believe I'm learning the fiddle at 53. Never had a music lesson, never played an instrument. Larry is very patient and encouraging. He gives you the confidence to pursue your dreams and makes them a reality. In just a few lessons, I was able to actually play a short song...and people actually recognized it. I'm not ready to tour any time soon, but I have a great start to learning something I thought I would never do. I'm glad I took the plunge. - Mike Hilker - www.fourcastdesign

Larry is a great music teacher. My 7 year old son has been learning guitar with him for the past 14 months and he loves Larry for his cool approach in making him learn, play & love guitar. Larry's patience in dealing with kids is absolutely phenomenal. I would recommend Larry to music lovers of all ages! - Proud Dad of Harrish Ganesh

Larry's been such a great teacher, very patient and accommodating, particularly for the adult learner! - Bella T.

Larry Rice is a gifted musician with an innate talent for teaching children to play many different instruments. He has been teaching my son for 5 years now. In that time I have seen my son learn to play the guitar like a real musician. But what I really love is Larry's connection with Turner and the way he has taught him to love and appreciate many different genres of music! - Kathryn Schmidt

Larry has been a great teacher for me. He's helped me get through the tough songs while always being patient and encouraging. He's helped me become a better player and performer, whether it's teaching me positions on the violin or accompanying me on guitar in the fiddle competition! Most importantly, Larry's shown me how much fun fiddle can be. - Daniel Willson, 14-year-old fiddler

Larry Rice has been a great teacher for both myself and my son. He inspires me to keep trying, and makes lessons something to look forward to. One of my favorite parts of a lesson is when he plays along with me on one of his instruments, so that even though I'm a beginner, I can experience what it's like to do more than just practice. Larry also has great rapport with kids and is flexible enough to meet them at their interest level. I am always impressed with how much Larry knows, so that he can teach me the fiddle and my son, electric guitar. I highly recommend him as a teacher. Carla Reissman, aspiring fiddler

If you're trying to find a teacher who will encourage your child to develop their skills and help them find joy in the instrument and the music they play, it's Larry. - Lisa Willson, mom of a 14-year-old fiddler

Larry has been a real inspiration to my son. They create songs together while learning in a way that makes guitar lessons fun for him. While the challenge may be to get my son to practice, he looks forward to lessons. I've recommended Larry to other friends as well who have been very happy. Larry's experience as a songwriter and performer makes him a unique and wonderful teacher for budding musicians! - R. Carter

We've been so pleased with Larry Rice as our son's guitar teacher! In the words of my son, "The best thing about Larry is how he relates to you." By letting my son choose the music he is going to play, Larry demonstrate his understanding of children and how they excell when they are allowed to pursue their own interests and passions. I think this quality of "relateability" is the key to successful student-teacher relationships and Larry's easy-going encouragement and true love of teaching music comes through in his lessons! We couldn't be happier with both the quality of his teaching and his innovative teaching methods.

My son thinks Larry is the Guitar Hero because he can play Sweet Home Alabama! I think Larry is great because he is very positive with my 9-yr-old son and this gives my son confidence to do his best. - Jessica

Both my daughter and I began fiddle with Larry. He has been a great teacher, and obviously loves music, teaching and the fiddle! - Allison (mother of Winston) Mclean VA

Larry's a great fiddle and guitar instructor. Our move to Houston didn't stop us from taking lessons at the "Little House" - the video conference lessons and video download practice guides are great! We've both made great progress - he makes learning music fun! - Ben and Alex de Alvarez

My 10 year-old son is on his third year playing fiddle with Larry and going strong. Here's what a parent needs to know about Larry; he's patient, kind, gentle, laid-back and supportive. Here's what a kid needs to know about Larry; he's cool, he's fun, he likes kids, helps you pick cool music (no twinkle twinkle little star here!) and he's in a band. It doesn't get any better than that! - Suzanne Corcoran Early

I have been a student of Larry Rice for past six months. During this time I have learned an incredible amount about music. In the past, I struggled to learn music and never thought I would be able to understand the theory behind it. Larry's simplistic approach to teaching has made it so easy for me to learn. I am now not only playing fluently, but I am writing my own music as well! Larry's vast knowledge of music theory and his gift of patience makes him invaluable as a teacher. I can honestly say my time with him has been money well spent!. - Jana Leigh McWhorter, www.janaleighmusic.com

Superb fiddle teacher with just the right mix of patience and expertise! - Tom Tudor